1. Cancun, Mexico

Cancun, Mexico

When spring break arrives, leave the textbooks and the homework behind as you head out to the tropical destination that is Cancun. Spend your days lounging on beaches that run alongside the Caribbean Sea and dance your nights away at one of the many bars and nightclubs on the island.





  1. Backpack Through Southeast Asia

Backpack Through Southeast Asia

Sometimes it can be good to get away for awhile, leave the technology behind and just take in some of the peace and serenity that mother nature has to offer. You can do just that when you backpack through Southeast Asia. Your journey will take you through destination spots such as Chiang Mai in Thailand, Laos Hanoi in Vietnam and Bali in Indonesia.




  1. Mardi Gras

Advertising Mardi Gras Image asset collection Caucasian Family Couples Hispanic Family Hollywood Blvd floats, entertainment, beads, crowds, beads, confetti at Universal Studios Florida USF

Each year in celebration of the Christian feasts of the Epiphany, a fantastic parade takes off on Bourbon Street in New Orleans. The celebration runs until the day before Ash Wednesday on Fat Tuesday’. You will enjoy rich foods, colorful parades and a party you will never forget.





  1. Peahi, Hawaii Surfing Adventure

Peahi, Hawaii Surfing Adventure

Take a chance on riding some of the biggest ocean waves you are likely to see in a lifetime when you visit Peahi beach that sits on the north shore of the beautiful Maui island in Hawaii. Here you will find a surf break that creates gigantic waves that the locals call Jaws. The name comes from the fact that waves have the capacity to reach 120 feet.




  1. Swiss Alps Skiing

Swiss Alps Skiing

In the Alpine region of Switzerland you will find one of the best skiing adventure of your life. The Swiss Alps represent the area of mountain ranges that cover the Western Alps, the Eastern Alps and a small portion of the Central Alps.