Just a short time ago I was “involuntarily denied boarding,” after waiting hours for a flight. I never even got to step into the airplane, I simply had to wait patiently by the gate before and after it took off, for over 3 full hours.

My flight was meant to take me to a celebratory dinner for my brother’s wedding. I flew a full week before the date, hoping to avoid any complications in my travel, but clearly, something went wrong.

To fight the anger filling my brain, I decided to do what I always do in a frustrating situation: Google. After what seemed like hours of angry web crawling, I finally found the information I was looking for. By simply signing a form stating that I had “voluntarily chosen not to board.” I was offered a $300 airline credit.

After realizing all the complicated dances one has to go through to even use that credit (calling ahead, ridiculous timeframes, etc.), I simply shouted “I THINK NOT.” Needless to say, the customer service lady was not pleased, nor was I.

Shortly after the incident, I did some more in-depth research, and uncovered lots of useful tidbits the airlines attempt to hide from you. There’s a bunch of secret Airline Passenger rights here are a few of them: