The City of Brussels

Thinking of going to Brussels this what you need to know before going. The City of Brussels is located in the heart of Belgium. It is a primarily Dutch-speaking country. However, it has immigrants from almost all over. It is believed to have been originally settled and in the year 580 A.D., and founded in the year 979 A.D. it currently has a Parliament-like government and stands as the unofficial capital of the European Union. It currently has a population of 1.2 million people.

A Short History

Although it may not be the official capital of the European Union, it is currently where the European Union is headquartered. It is believed that the word “Brussels” means “Home in the Marsh.” Spanning a history of over 1000 years, Belgium is one of the oldest countries in Europe. Brussels didn’t really start growing in the city until city walls were erected in the 12th century. The city was bombarded with by artillery in 1695 by order of King Louis XIV – it was the most destructive event ever to occur in Brussels to date. The event destroyed 4000 buildings including the grand palace. Over a third of the city’s population was killed. The Belgian revolution occurred in 1830. The current design of downtown was planned around the 1870s. It has gone through several changes over its long life.