Cable cars are romantic. Drifting over mountains as you rise up to a tourist attraction, or an awesome ski slope is the thing of dreams. The pure wonder of the engineering behind cable cars beckons back to a simpler, and headier time that gets you in the mood for a true adventure.

Some communities still use cable cars to transport people to and fro in sky-high communities. No matter what you are using a cable car for, the journey should be exciting and memorable.

Do you love cable cars as much as us? If so, here are 9 of the most mind-boggling cable car rides in the world. Check them out and start planning your next getaway.

  1. The Aiguille du Midi


Considered the most scenic cable car ride in the world, the Aiguille du Midi allows both hikers and skiers to soar in the skies of France, taking them from Chamonix and into the cloudy summits of Mt. Blanc. Although the ride is just a few minutes long, you should remember the astounding site for a lifetime. You will be hard pressed to find a cable car ride as beautiful as the one in The Aiguille du Midi.