The World’s Best Shipwrecks to Explore

From an age come and gone, here are some of the world’s best shipwrecks to explore.

The Best Wreck for Easy Access: U.S.S. Kittiwake

Shallow waters mean you can dive all day

Cayman Islands

The ship was purposely sunk off the island’s 7-mile long beach off the coast of the Cayman Islands in 2011. It is meant to […]

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Top Ten Things to Do in Paris

So you are visiting France for the first time, and you have stopped in the heart of the country, Paris. We know that it is quite an exciting, breathtaking adventure. It goes without saying that there are just some touristy things that you need to check off your list before you can go back […]

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Brussels what you need to know before going

The City of Brussels

Thinking of going to Brussels this what you need to know before going. The City of Brussels is located in the heart of Belgium. It is a primarily Dutch-speaking country. However, it has immigrants from almost all over. It is believed to have been originally settled and in the year 580 A.D., […]

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25 of the Best Surf Spots in the World

There’s something about surfing that goes hand in hand with adventuring. And whether it’s just the traveler’s spirit or a compulsion shared by many surfers to hit as many of the biggest waves around as possible, lots of surf junkies make it a personal goal to find and ride the best waves in the […]

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Take the Path Less Traveled

The world’s greatest tourist traps aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. The world is a beautiful place. From some of the best seafood you’ll ever grace your tongue with to some of the world’s most unique culture blends, it’s not hard to find entire destinations untouched by the hand of tourism.

Some of these places are […]

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