Have you been excited by the prospect of visiting Tokyo, only to be turned off by the exuberant prices? If so, you will enjoy our alternate route which allows you to see many of Tokyo’s top attractions for cheap. In fact, you can experience many amazing things in Tokyo for just under 10,000 yen. Here’s how:


  1. Start Out at a Beautiful Japanese-Style Inn in Ryokan


Located right near Ueno, the Ryokan Katsutaro in Nezu offers visitors reasonable boarding rate, providing you a great home base for your trip to Tokyo. Additionally, you get free Wi-Fi and drink services along with your room fare. The information booths at the Ryokan will help you find information about the other spots on our route, and any other alternative areas you might want to visit.

NOTE: Before continuing on this route, you will need to purchase a common one-day ticket for the Tokyo Metro & Toei Subway. You can get these from commonly placed vending machines that are located at either the Tokyo Metro or Toei Subway. It will costs you 1,000 yen, and get you access to easy and efficient transportation for the whole day.