Budapest is Hungary’s capital, divided into two parts – Buda and Pest, which is parted by the beautiful River Danube. The famous Chain Bridge connects the hilly Buda with the flat Pest. Though Buda and Pest go together, both are entirely different places, each with its signature characteristics.

There are plenty of tourist spots offering the experience of the old European culture as well as more modern and relaxing activities. You can take a dip in the famous pool spas, venture on the streets of the old city and witness the ancient architecture, or take boat rides through the Danube!

Here are top 10 things to do during your Budapest Visit:

  1. Thermal Baths

Thermal Baths

Your Budapest experience is incomplete without a dip in the thermal baths of the city. It is one of the prime pastimes for the locals and the tourists. The waters are warm throughout the year in these pools, which means you can dive right into them in the middle of the coldest day!
The biggest and the most famous of the thermal baths is Széchenyi. It is also the largest medicinal baths of Europe. It has 15 indoor pools and three outdoor pools and is open for both men and women at all times! Gellert is the place to be if you want to have an indoor experience. It is a beautiful building which gives you a feeling of swimming inside a cathedral.

  1. Royal Palace – History

Royal palace history

If you are a person who loves to visit historical places, Royal Palace is the destination for you. Through the years, the palace building has been wrecked and rebuilt during wars and reigns of various kings.
The Palace is known for its two museums and the National Széchenyi Library. The museum has a significant collection of 19th- and 20th-century Hungarian Paintings and sculptures. For art enthusiasts, it is a treat for appreciating war paintings, paintings of carnivals and unique portraits by famous European artists.
The Castle Museum, gives you the experience of 15th-century palatial rooms, vaulted halls, grand Renaissance doors, the Gothic Hall, Royal Cellar and the 14th century Tower Chapel. The Hungarian National Gallery is comprised of an awe-inspiring Hungarian art collection from the 11th century to today. It includes ancient works like Renaissance stonework and art, baroque art Gothic sculptures, and paintings. There are artifacts from 14th century Turkish times. One of the exhibits takes you through the history from the Turkish era to modern times covering ethnic and religious diversity, housing and occupation and other aspects.