The Best Safari Destinations in Africa

The ‘African Safari’ theme is more booming than ever throughout the United States, but how many residents actually know the first thing about planning a trip to visit the wildlife in Africa? It is a lot different than you may think! Safari animals can be found in many different regions, and across all different […]

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15 Ways to Avoid Standing Out in New York City

New York City is one of the most magnetic cities in the entire world– a melting pot in the truest sense– the city has provided the American people with vast culture, cuisine, fashion, art, media, and other impacting forms of business, entertainment, and learning. New York is also known to be an important center […]

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15 Surprising Facts About New Orleans

New Orleans is possibly one of the most fabulous vacation destinations in all of the United States. From the outside looking in, it appears to be a mysterious world of people who all seem to be connected, like one big family, seemingly forming an entirely different country of their own. They march to a […]

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American Hotels: 11 Must-See Destinations

Filled with culture and diversity from all over the globe, the United States is a world-wide tourist destination, explored by millions of travelers each year. Perhaps the greatest way to explore the country is to see some of its remarkable hotels. These are 11 of the top, must-see hotels when planning your next trip […]

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