Top Ten Things to Do in Paris

So you are visiting France for the first time, and you have stopped in the heart of the country, Paris. We know that it is quite an exciting, breathtaking adventure. It goes without saying that there are just some touristy things that you need to check off your list before you can go back […]

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25 of the Best Surf Spots in the World

There’s something about surfing that goes hand in hand with adventuring. And whether it’s just the traveler’s spirit or a compulsion shared by many surfers to hit as many of the biggest waves around as possible, lots of surf junkies make it a personal goal to find and ride the best waves in the […]

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15-Year-Old Launches Social Media App On Kickstarter, Travelers Will Love

A 15 Year Old (Tyler Ball) has launched his new world changing social media app on Kickstarter. To seek funding for the success of the project, they need backers who will fund the release and innovation of this new social media app that will soon hit the App Store. Pinit will be a new […]

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10 Real Life Fairytale Destinations

Whether planning the perfect proposal, visualizing a dream wedding, or admiring potential travel destinations– we have all pictured ourselves in a fairytale setting at one point in time. There is something magical about castles, seaside villas, and forests that lead us to believe that all of our dreams will come true. Well maybe now they […]

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60 Shocking Facts about New York City

It goes without saying that New York City is one of, if not the most diverse, and densely populated city in the country. Along with the many people who reside within its gates, as well as the years and years of history, come many unique, and often unbelievable facts. Here are 60 facts  about New […]

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