Union Square Donuts!

American has a long standing love affair with doughnuts of any size and flavor. It is evident by the sheer number of doughnut shops that appear on virtually every street corner across the country. You can now find doughnuts with toppings that range from bacon to cereal pieces to traditional sprinkles and anything else imaginable. Take a look at the top 10 doughnut shops in America.








1. Union Square Donuts – Boston, Massachusetts
In the midst of a Dunkin’ Donuts domination stands a doughnut shop that delights customers with tasty treats since first opening its doors in 2013. Pastry chef Heather Schmidt creates flavorful doughnut treats in her shop that include sea-salted bourbon, caramel and brown-butter hazelnut crunch. The doughnuts start from handmade fluffy-flaky dough that Heather and her staff prepare each day. A collection of vegan doughnuts is also available.

2. Dought – New York City, New York
The city that never sleeps is home to a doughnut shop creating yeast doughnuts that delight shop regulars and tourists alike. Fany Gerson makes doughnuts several times throughout the day to ensure customers receive fresh, tasty treats each time. The signature touch on these doughnuts is the glaze flavors that include hibiscus with tropical chili and chocolate with earl grey glaze. Gerson routinely experiments with new flavors to see what other combinations will delight consumers.

3. The Donut Stop – St. Louis, Missouri
The traditional flavor combinations present when the doors opened in 1953 are still in existence today. It is a St Louis institution that prides itself on offering original yeast doughnuts with frosted icing or sprinkles as toppings on its doughnuts. Regular customers rave about the Cinnamon Glob, a yeast doughnut rich in butter, spices and sugar without the signature hole in the middle.

4. Revolution Doughnuts – Decatur, Georgia
An Atlanta favorite began in 2012 with the introduction of a low-gluten doughnut that does not disappoint in flavor. Maria Moore Riggs runs the business with her family and together the team creates all of the fresh yeast doughnuts and any relevant toppings from scratch each day. A favorite of regular customers and visitors alike is the Nutella cream puff doughnut.

5. Glazed and Infused – Chicago, Illinois
Scott Harris rekindles Chicago’s love affair with doughnuts by offering tasty treats that include maple-bacon long johns and a vanilla-bean glazed doughnut. Additional flavors are available as each new season arrives in Chicago. Since opening its doors in 2012, the doughnut shop has undergone expansion to include several locations throughout the city.

6. Voodoo Doughnut – Portland, Oregon/Denver, Colorado
It is the location where doughnut lovers go to find the unconventional flavors that are equal parts art displays and tasty treats. Tres Shannon and Kenneth Pogson strive to offer customers creations that include titles such as the captain crunch laden ‘Captain My Captain’ doughnut and the ‘Maple Blazer’ a maple, cinnamon sugar doughnut. The signature ‘Voodoo Doll’ doughnut contains secret ingredients and is a big hit with customers. The creative team now has a 24 hour location available in Denver.

7. Gourdough’s – Austin, Texas
Gourdough’s is home to ‘Big, Fat Doughnuts.’ Here the doughnuts arrive on tables in the form of sandwiches such as the Mother Clucker. It is a doughnut that contains fried chicken and honey butter in the middle. Other menu items include salads, burgers and dessert doughnuts that feature creamy peach filling or yellow cake batter.

8. The Holy Donut – Portland, Maine
Leigh Kellis creates delicious doughnut treats containing Maine potatoes. Other doughnut treats feature sweet potatoes, vegan or gluten-free ingredients. There is something available to please even the pickiest of eaters. Sweet seekers will delight in finding dark-chocolate sea salt, maple, coffee and brandy doughnuts available on the menu as well.

9. Federal Donuts – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Chef Mike Solomonov brought double-fried chicken and doughnuts together as a kitchen experiment and the rest is history. These unconventional doughnut treats are a big hit in the Philadelphia area. Customers simply can’t get enough of the cake doughnuts that pair with crispy, double-fried chicken. Dipping sauce choices include buttermilk ranch, coconut curry, sweet-soy garlic or honey-ginger glaze. For those with a sweet tooth, cinnamon-brown sugar flavors and blueberry-mascarpone treats are also on the menu.

10. Donut Bar – San Diego, California
Santiago Campa and Wendy Bartels set out to provide customers with tasty doughnut treats that were as affordable as they are delicious. In this shop, customers can enjoy a doughnut and coffee combination meal for one dollar. A customer favorite is the signature hand-torched creme brulee or the maple bacon bar doughnut. Other items on the menu change daily which works to keep customers coming back each day to sample the new creations.

Each shop on this list takes a traditional American treat and presents it in a unique way. No two doughnut shops are alike. Therefore you should grab a friend, hit the road and make a plan to visit as many stores on this list as you can in one tasty adventure.